Complete Guide to GSTIN: How to get GSTIN Number, Documents Needed & More

We will tell you what is GSTIN number is, and inform you how to get the GSTIN number. Besides, we will also share the documents required for GSTIN number and how to find a company’s GST number easily.

So, let’s dive in!

GST or Goods and Services Tax is one of the biggest tax reforms in recent times. Put into force effective July 1st, 2017, GST revolutionized the way taxes are being collected all across India.

GST propagates the principle of “One India One Tax”, wherein one single tax is levied on the supply of goods and services, right from the manufacturing to the end-users.

Being an indirect tax, it eliminated a host of state-level taxes, excise duties, and other surcharges from the matrix, and introduced a new paradigm of multi-stage taxes and destination-based taxes for both businesses and end-users.

Within the ecosystem of GST, GSTIN is an important identification for all registered taxpayers. Without GSTIN, no one can charge GST or can file GST returns.

What is GSTIN Number?

Before the introduction of GST in India, taxpayers used to have two critical identification numbers: TIN and Service Tax registration number.

While the respective State Governments provided TIN or Tax Information Number, the Service tax registration number was provided by the Central Board of Excise and Custom (CBEC).

With GST, both of these identification numbers were replaced with a single identification known as Goods and Services Tax Identification Number or GSTIN”.

This was done since GST consolidated all tax platforms into one single platform, and replaced most of the state-related taxes with one single tax structure.

Around 80 lakh registered taxpayers were migrated from different tax platforms into GSTIN in 2017, and henceforth, all new taxpayer registration happened with the allocation of GSTIN.

Structure of GSTIN

Before we share how to get a GSTIN number, first lets’ understand how a GSTIN structure looks like. This will also help you to answer: what is the GSTIN number in Pan Card.

A GSTIN has 15 alphanumeric characters, which includes the PAN number as well.

Here is the structure of a typical GSTIN:
  • The 1st two digits are state code
  • The next 10 characters are the PAN number
  • 13th character is the entity number of the same PAN cardholder in the state
  • 14th character is the alphabet Z by default for all GSTINs
  • The last 15th number will be the checksum digit


How to get GSTIN Number?

Taxpayers can get GSTIN once they register for GST. GSTIN is the last step in the process of GST registration.

There are two ways to register for GST:
  • Apply for GSTIN at the GST Portal
  • Physically visit the GST Seva Kendra, set up by Govt to submit all the documents required for GSTIN

In this post, we will focus on the GST portal-based GST registration, which culminates with the generation of GSTIN.

Here are the steps:
Phase 1: Verification
  • Visit GST Portal:
  • Under the Services category, find New Registration: Services > Registration > New Registration
  • Enter PAN Card, mobile, and email address
  • You will get an OTP. Enter that OTP, and you will get the Temporary Reference Number (TRN)
  • Again visit the Services > Registration > New Registration page, and select Temporary Reference Number to login.
  • Enter the TRN and a captcha for added security
  • A new OTP will be provided, which will lead you to the “My Saved Application” space.
  • Here, the details need to be entered in 15 days, else this will be erased.
  • Edit this section to fill in all the relevant details
Phase 2: Confirmation

In the “My Saved Application” section, you will need to enter:

  • Bank account details
  • Proof of registration of business
  • Partnership deed (if applicable)
  • Registration certificate of the business
  • Proof of the registered address of the business
  • Proof of the promoter, director, partners of the business
  • Evidence of the appointment of the designated signatory
  • Photo of authorized signatory
  • 1st and last pages of the passbook, bank account statement containing the bank account number, latest transaction details, etc.
  • There are various sections such as ‘Primary Place of Business’ (PPOB) Tab, ‘Goods & Services’ Tab, ‘Bank Accounts’ Tab, etc. which you can find in this area.

In case you are logged off, you can re-enter the “My Saved Application” section by entering the TRN.

Phase 3: Digital Signature Certificate

Govt of India has made the usage of the Digital Signature Certificate mandatory for all LLPs and companies when it comes to filing returns, audits, and submitting any document.

Hence, submitting the GST registration form via Digital Signature Certificate is a must.

For getting a Digital Signature Certificate, you will need to contact any one of the designated services providers for issuing the digital signature and the certificate.

The list as shared by Govt of such providers is here. Some of these service providers are not authorized to issue Class signatures. Here is the list of all designated service providers who can provide all classes of signatures.

Phase 4: Generation of GSTIN

Once all the documents and digital signature certificates are submitted, the applicant will receive the Application Reference Number (ARN).

This number can be used to track the status by visiting the GST Portal, and visiting: Services > Registration > Track Application.

Once the application status shows “Approved”, you will receive the GSTIN to your registered phone number and email address.

GST Registration Certificate can be downloaded after 3-5 days by logging into the GST Portal using your own user-id and password by visiting: Services > User Services > View or Download Certificates and click the Download button.

How to find a Company’s GST Number?

There are various tools available online, wherein you need to enter the company’s name, and it will showcase the associated GSTIN instantly.

For example, to search GSTIN by name, enter a company’s name (example Dabur), and you will get all the associated GSTIN.

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