MSME Samadhaan: Your Ally Against Delayed Payments in India

MSME Samadhaan


Delayed payments from buyers can cripple the cash flow and operations of MSMEs. MSME Samadhaan,  a government portal, offers a mechanism for MSMEs to register complaints and seek timely resolution. This article delves into how MSME Samadhaan works, its benefits, and how Udyamita Helpline can support you in navigating the process.

What Is MSME Samadhaan?

MSME Samadhaan is an online portal created by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) for MSMEs to submit their complaints against buyers regarding delayed payments. Upon receiving complaints, Micro and Small Enterprise Facilitation Councils (MSEFCs) take action to resolve the issue.

Step-by-Step Guide: How MSME Samadhaan Works

  1. Eligibility: MSMEs with a valid Udyam registration can file complaints on MSME Samadhaan.
  2. Complaint Filing: Access the portal [[invalid URL removed]]([invalid URL removed]) and file an online application providing details of the outstanding payment and the buyer.
  3. Case Examination by MSEFC: The relevant MSEFC examines the case and issues notices to the buyer.
  4. Conciliation & Hearings: MSEFC attempts to resolve the dispute amicably through conciliation or scheduled hearings with both parties.
  5. Decision & Award: If a resolution isn’t reached, MSEFC makes a decision and can direct the buyer to pay the outstanding amount along with interest.

Benefits of Using MSME Samadhaan

  • Simplified Process: Online complaint filing eliminates bureaucratic hurdles and geographical limitations.
  • Time-Bound Resolution: MSEFCs are mandated to resolve cases within 90 days.
  • Potential for Interest: MSEFC can award interest on the delayed payment, providing compensation.
  • Moral Pressure: The process puts pressure on buyers, often encouraging faster settlements.

The Udyamita Helpline Advantage

Udyamita Helpline simplifies your interaction with MSME Samadhaan. We:

  • Assess Eligibility: Ensure your case meets the criteria.
  • Complaint Preparation: Help with documentation and filing a strong complaint.
  • Process Assistance: Guide you through the steps and hearings.


MSME Samadhaan offers a ray of hope for MSMEs facing delayed payments. While not a foolproof solution for all late payments,  it provides a formalized avenue for seeking justice.
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