Types Of Digital Marketing Channels – Use Right Set Of Strategies For Your Brand

Explore types of digital marketing channels through which you can create brand awareness in the digital world with the right set of strategies and consistency.

Digital marketing plays a major role in today’s era. With new brands growing every day one must make their presence known to everyone to generate leads. Digital marketing is a medium through which brands can reach their target audience easily and effectively without spending tons of money. Nearly 1.4 billion people use digital media every single day.

So isn’t it the best way to reach your audience already? Although only when used with the right set of strategies and with consistency one can achieve that. Now we have shared types of digital marketing channels through which you can create brand awareness in the digital world. Starting from free channels.

1. Free Channels

Digital Marketing helps your business to reach your target audience more effectively. Some startup brands will have a budget and would not be able to afford paid digital marketing channels. But you can use numerous other free and best types of digital marketing channels which are very effective and bring in more leads as well. So it’s a win-win situation. This includes but not limited to, content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation and social media marketing. Now let’s just look at their benefits and key features.

Content Marketing to Generate More Leads

Content marketing comes under the top digital marketing channels that are in use.

It is all about creating content and publishing it to attract clients and generate more leads. The content is not limited to just texts, but it can be Images, Blogs, Videos, Gifs, Infographics, White papers, Case studies, Ebooks, Podcasts and Articles.

But you must remember to keep your content engaging and interesting. And you should not just be a service provider but a problem solver to win your audience.

Email Marketing to Build Trust

You might be wondering if email marketing is still in existence. But old is gold, isn’t it?

It is the most effective form of marketing even now.

Email marketing is where you send your brand’s ads and recent updates, a new product launch, feedback and reviews, promote products or let your contacts know about the giveaway contest you are conducting. Its main objective is to build a trustworthy relationship with your audience. And maintain the bond you already have with your clients and most importantly to create brand awareness.

Search Engine Optimisation to Earn Traffic

Search marketing can be done through both paid and unpaid ways. It helps you to earn traffic to your website through search engines. This is done by increasing your website’s visibility so that your website will top in the search engine result. And the visitor ends up choosing your website. Google My Business, Business Listings, Website, E-commerce app comes under Search. You can do this by searching for the right set of keywords that have been most searched by your target audience. Then you can use them on your website to bring in more visitors. This way your website will rank higher in the search engine results so the visitors will be checking out your page and ends up turning into your customers.

Social Media Marketing to Connect with a Large Audience

recent report states that nearly 2.47 billion people are active on Facebook-owned platforms including Instagram as well. Hence, social media is the perfect place for you to connect with a larger audience as a brand.

You can even interact with your audience by replying to their comments and Identifying their likes and needs. Adding on to that social media is free. With the right set of strategies, you can increase your sales and grow your brand. The best thing here is there are many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. You can be active on all the platforms and reach different sets of people who have a liking for the products you sell. So whenever your user opens their social media account your brand will be visible to them, intriguing them to make their purchase from you.

The other types of digital marketing channels would be paid ones.

Paid digital marketing channels as the name suggests are any marketing channel you pay for.

Zero budget Digital Marketing for small business growth.

2. Paid Channels

Through paid digital marketing channels, you can concentrate on a specific group of the audience.

It is used to create more awareness about your brand among your target audience through consumer behaviour and their geographical location.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the channels that come underpaid digital marketing which includes influencer marketing, video marketing and online ads.

Influencer Marketing to Drive Sales and Access to Gen Z Consumers

Influencer marketing is where an influencer with a large amount of audience or follower count does promotions for your product and service. It will often be a sponsored post or video of them talking about the brand, its products and their benefits on their social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Which includes brand mention, brand integration and sponsored content. Influencer marketing can be done once a month depending on your budget. If you want to attract a particular group of audience then influencer marketing is the best option.

Video Marketing to Engage with Your Audience

A video marketing strategy is used by businesses and brands to utilize the video feature to market their products and services. Video marketing tool is the most efficient tool that you can use as a brand. Generally, people like visually appealing images when compared to long texts and paragraphs. Video marketing keeps the audience engaged and also serves its purpose. You can upload behind-the-scenes videos, customer testimonials, demonstration of a product or its components, company culture, launch videos of a new product, etc. Through videos, you can convey the message in the form of storytelling adding onto that the user can enjoy both the audio and picture.

Online Ads to Create Brand Awareness

Online advertising is when you make maximum use of the internet to promote and advertise your brand, product or service. These include coupons and banner ads. The most familiar form of advertising includes social media websites, search ads, video, shopping ads and display.


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