Assistance to Training Institutes (ATI) and Its Importance For The MSME

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To grow and strengthen the MSME sector, the government has introduced an ATI scheme to aid the training institutions. Therefore, the Ministry of MSME is offering assistance through their new scheme known as the Assistance to Training Institution scheme. Such institutions are into providing entrepreneurship development programs.

Learning is a never-ending process. The more you learn, the more relevant you will be to the industry trends. You may be well-equipped with skills at the moment to drive your business forward, but there are regular technological and similar other updates you need to learn. Upskilling should be the constant process of one’s life to keep growing and heading towards success.

This is where the ATI scheme comes into the picture. To help professionals of the MSME industry acquire all necessary skills to operate in the market, training institutions hold programmes to impart knowledge to stay relevant. To provide competitive skills, the training institutes should have the best of everything.

That said, the best faculty, infrastructure, and cutting-edge technology. The government understands the need of the institutes and so has designed this unique scheme.

What is the ATI Scheme?

ATI is the acronym used for Assistance to Training Institutes and is a scheme designed by the government, especially for MSMEs. Under this scheme, the training institutes of MSMEs are provided financial assistance to strengthen their infrastructure. This offers the required support to conduct entrepreneurship skill development programs.

The assistance provided to such institutions is given in capital grants. The major objective of this scheme is to strengthen and develop the best infrastructure. This scheme also helps offer assistance for all programs related to entrepreneurship. They offer skill development training programs and are required to stay updated with the latest skills.

By providing them with this assistance, the government makes sure that the future of the MSME sector in our country is bright.

Key Benefits Of The Scheme

The government started the scheme to offer benefits of several kinds to the institutes that offer training to the MSMEs. To ensure that these people get the best, this scheme has several provisions that benefit all sections of society.

Some of the benefits are listed below to have a clear idea about how it is helpful.

  • It helps widen the base of the entrepreneurial sector with the help of achievement, development, motivation, etc. This scheme is provided to the institutes that impart entrepreneurial skills.
  • It provides all required support in terms of infrastructure and building the capacity of the institutes. All of these are governed by the ministry of MSME and the existing state-level EDIs.
  • The scheme extends support for all skill development programs offered to the MSME. The institution must fall under the ministry of MSME and should be into offering skills development programmes to the MSME.

Detailed Information

The amount of grant sanctioned to an institution is based on the use of the funds by that particular concern and its location. The maximum amount of finance offered will depend on the following criteria as per the rules set.

  • Each trainee’s maximum amount of financial assistance would be limited to Rs 50 each, based on hourly rates. That said, the hours would be defined as the hours an institute spends on the entrepreneurship and skill development programs. For some regions, like Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar islands, etc., the hourly rate is Rs. 60.
  • The amount of grant sanctioned is the power of 50% of the project’s cost of Rs. 150 lakhs. Again for the North-Eastern part of India, the sanction is higher. For this part, the lint would be lower by Rs. 270 lakhs or 90% of the project cost.
  • The financial assistance offered to the institute should only be used to better its physical infrastructure, train the faculty, procure required equipment, and research the issues that keep arising in the MSME Sector. The help provided is above and over any assistance provided earlier by the government under the ATI scheme.
  • To receive the assistance offered by the government under this scheme, either a UT or an EDI controlled and owned by the government is selected. The EDI at the state level that is selected would have to enter into an MOU or a partnership agreement with the NIMSME to formulate and implement the proposal approved earlier.

How To Apply?

The application for the scheme is simple, and the organizations will have to follow the steps accordingly. All eligible organizations will have to send their application form to EDI’s director of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises. However, if you are a training institute and want to enroll with any of the three EDIs, then you will have to visit the official website to approach them.

The official website of the same is The major objective of the scheme is to offer the training institutions the required help. Such institutions offer skill development and entrepreneurship programs to all budding entrepreneurs.

They are into offering the required help so that all their programs are very effective for the industry. To help businesses and business owners keep pace with the ever-changing industry, the institute must avail the benefits of this scheme. This way, they ensure that all budding entrepreneurs are in sync with what the industry and the world need today.

The Bottom Line

The government of India is striving hard to make sure that the industries in the country get all the required help. They have started helping several organizations by offering them various schemes. One of the highly beneficial schemes for the entire society is the ATI scheme. This scheme mainly focuses on the skill development of the different sections of society.