Grab MSME Loan In 59 Minutes – The Detailed Guide To PSB Loan Benefits & How To Apply

For the past few years, the Indian Government has been working on improving the status of MSMEs. Out of which, one of the sensational and tremendous decisions of the Government is the MSME loan in 59 minutes.

The loan processes for businesses are pretty daunting, including wandering around the banks for weeks to months, discussing with the staff, and frustrating documentation procedures. Thanks to the Indian Government for helping MSMEs avail of the loan in just an hour.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, announced this loan which is a part of PM Modi’s 12-point action plan for the growth of MSMEs. Using this scheme (MSME loan in 59 minutes), the borrowers can borrow up to 5 crores with a minimum limit of 1 lakh from the most authorized banks.

Multiple local and national banks have taken part in this scheme and served as the scheme’s lending institutions. The website “” directs you with every step to avail of a loan from the banks.

Are you curious to know more about the PSB loan in 59 minutes? If yes, without any further delay, let’s dive in.

Purpose of Loan in 59 Minutes for MSMEs

The primary aim of this scheme is to provide the best services to the borrowers by maintaining all the banks under a single platform. Surprisingly, this system worked well and helped everyone understand the drawbacks of working as an individual financial system.

The primary focus of this scheme is on the MSMEs to support them by enhancing the emergency credit loans at a faster rate. This scheme has been recognized as one of the most significant policies ever made by Credit Suisse, which is an established international credit institution. This policy encourages micro to medium businesses, Mudra loan seekers, and companies to avail of loans within an hour.

Benefits of PSB Loan in 59 Minutes for MSMEs

The 59-minute loan scheme offers multiple benefits for MSMEs. Out of which, one of the significant benefits is the quick availability of loans for the businesses in the form of term loans and working capital loans.

The reduction of availability of loan periods from months to minutes is incredible. Moreover, this helps entrepreneurs and business owners to establish their business goals swiftly. Usually, the banks approve the loan within a week or eight days after receiving the approval letter within an hour.

Here’re the more benefits of PSB loans in the 59-minute scheme for the MSMEs. 

  • The entrepreneurs and retailers are provided with the in-principle approval that helps them to avail of the loan in the future at a faster rate.
  • Usually, the candidates who want loans have to undergo hectic paperwork that is troublesome for novice business owners. However, this scheme has simplified almost all paperwork and increased the accessibility of loans for business owners from micro to large companies.
  • Due to the Covid crisis, there’s massive destruction in the market, and several companies have undergone colossal debt. That’s why the state banks are taking the tremendous economic initiative to help businesses to stabilize employment rates and business profits.
  • The businesses that are in need of credit can avail of this loan in an hour and achieve their dreams. It also allows companies to operate at a new level using credit in the pandemic era markets.
  • As 59 minutes PSB loan is in good rapport with the international banking services, the Indian products are now easier to compete with the foreign brands in the global markets.
  • Moreover, the loan has enhanced the small to medium business standards, and now most companies are competing with massive brands like Amazon and Flipkart.

Now, if you’re interested in applying for the loan, here is the detailed procedure. Keep reading!

How to Apply for 59 Minutes Loan

Before getting into the details of the registration and application process, here’re a few eligibility criteria and documents that you should submit to avail of the loan.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates who’d like to avail of a 59-minute loan should consider given eligibility requirements.

  • The self-employed candidates running a business, small companies, and medium businesses with a definite GST complaint are eligible for this scheme.
  • The candidates should upload the cash flow statements to the banks for verification.

Usually, the banks qualify the borrowers based on the income generation, individual ability to clear loan interest and principal amount, current credits in the banks, and other aspects as mentioned in the terms and conditions set by the lending institutions.

These are the few things that you should know while applying for scheme loans. Also, here are a few documents required to complete the application process. Read on!

Required Documentations

  • GST Details – GST details play a crucial role in the loan application as banks review the status of the business and its operations through its GST statements.
  • Income Tax Returns Details – This is another crucial document required to avail of the loan. The borrowers should submit the current version of the income tax returns report to the banks in XML format.
  • 6 Months Bank Statement – This is the last documentation required to complete the application process. In general, the bank statements of at least three banks have to be provided during the application process for verifying the financial status of the business.

All these documents enhance the chances of getting a loan as soon as possible.

To apply for the loan, you should register at the official website of the PSB 59-minute loan. Click here to navigate to the website. Follow the below-mentioned steps –

  • Sign up at the website using your official name, email, and phone number. Then, verify your registration with an OPT sent to your mobile.
  • Type in the OTP and confirm terms and conditions. Next, move to the next step. Give your GST information, including password, GST number, and income tax details. Submit the data in XML format. Or else, you can log in using your PAN or date of incorporation.
  • After that, upload a bank statement of at least six months (PDF format). Here, you can log in through your net banking username and password for accessing the bank statements and other legit financial information.
  • Then, give your directors, partnerships, proprietorship, and company information. Choose the core purpose of the loan and provide accurate details of your previous or current loans that you took for the business establishment and maintenance.
  • In this step, you’ll need to select the bank from which you’d like to process the loan. Note that the interest for the scheme varies from one bank to another. Finally, pay the application fee of 1000 and the tax and download the pending loan approval documentation from the bank.

Multiple Banks Listed in The PSB Loan Scheme

Here are the multiple banks that are included in the scheme. You can use any of these banks from which you’d like to proceed with your loan sanctions.

  1. SBI
  2. ICICI
  3. SIDBI
  4. Canara Bank
  5. Bank of Baroda
  6. Indian Bank
  7. IDBI Bank
  8. IDFC Bank
  9. Yes Bank
  10. Kotak Bank
  11. UCO Bank
  12. Punjab National Bank
  13. Indusind Bank
  14. Bank of India
  15. Bank of Maharashtra
  16. Federal Bank
  17. Saraswat Bank
  18. Indian Overseas Bank
  19. Punjab and Sind Bank
  20. Central Bank of India
  21. Union Bank

This is all about the PSB loan in 59 minutes scheme eligibility, the application process, banks list, and benefits for MSMEs. Make sure you understand each aspect of the scheme and its eligibility requirements before applying for it.

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